I’m Diana - the serious looking one in the middle 🥴

I'm an Artist. (Find me at www.diananp.com)

I’m an Art teacher. (Find me at www.discoveries.nz)

the home of my fabulous, boutique Art School Discoveries, 

in Opawa, Christchurch.

I'm a bit of a fur-ball fanatic with the dog, cat, rabbit & chickens all free ranging around home.

(Not to mention the pond full of beautiful goldfish.) 

My favourite students - those who say they can’t draw a stick figure. The know-it-all in me loves proving them wrong!.


  👻   I LOVE Parties!!    -   And emojis!  👻



Arty Antics was born in 2019 after I had the acid put on me by a student at Discoveries to take my teaching on the road and 'share the love' so to speak.

It all sounded like a decidedly crazy idea - but I love crazy so I was in - and Arty Antics was welcomed into this world in July 2019

(After the usual labour involved in birthing a new concept.)

To be fair - I am now like a pig in mud.

Not only to I get to teach at my rather wonderful, boutique Art School, Discoveries - I now get to introduce art to LOTS of people who have never given art a go. (Often lubricated with a sip of vino which makes many things even more fun.)

'Tis the best thing since sliced bread.  

  👻  Art; new friends I am yet to met - and Parties!!  👻   

Like I said - pig in mud stuff!