I came with a feeling to total inadequacy and went home feeling anything was possible.

Julie - Nov 19

I liked how we could express our paintings how we liked, every one was an individual. This was an awesome afternoon, was rainy outside. We were in the warm atmosphere being creative & nurturing our souls. I LOVE IT!!

Kim O - July 19

I am continuing to get fabulous feedback.  You are a star in this wee corner  of Christchurch. You are an inspirational teacher. Everyone appreciates and values dear Diana. Fabulous evening.

Marg W (Party Host) - Nov 19

Di is an amazing teacher that listens and helps without making you feel idiotic. Amazing empathy. Thanks Di.

Ali B - July 19

Diana is primo encouraging - gives pointers when you get stuck and she loves a trier!

Anon - July 19

Lovely fun relaxed style. Lots of positive encouragement. With the emphasis on having fun with a brush, Diana’s paint parties are a blast!

Jan - July 19

Really enjoyable - good platform to start with the same painting - but then end with your own individual flair. Very enjoyable way to spend time.

Anon - July 19

I have had a great day. Lovely bunch of like minded people doing independent works in a group environment. Few wines. Fantastic.

Linda B - July 19

Diana made each person feel confident and capable. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Helen - July 19

Amazing afternoon! Great opportunity to get friends together to do something different.

Anon - July 19

A fun time where you get to be actually creative - not just copying the teacher!

Anon - July 19

Answers everyone’s questions and comments nicely on everyone’s art. Gave constructive advice. Very good coach. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon around me.

Eileen - July 19

I was surprised at myself. I felt a little anxious to begin with but with the wonderful guidance felt really at ease with it all and loved it.

Lisa - July 19

A fun expedition into painting for novices. Made us all feel we could produce something worthwhile. Thanks Diana,

Noni - July 19

Fantastic afternoon. Time Flew. Very enjoyable.

Anon - July 19

Di has the patience of a saint!

Anon - July 19

Very welcoming and supportive.

Beginner - July 19

Friendly, supportive & knowledgeable tutor. Generous with the materials.

Mary - July 19

Made art very achievable.

Julie - Nov 19

Fun, loved the fun of creating an artwork in one go. Relaxed arty fun.

Tracey - July 19

Wonderful night with lots of belly laughs with fabulous tutoring & encouragement.

Wendy - Sept 19

A thoroughly enjoyable evening

Emma H-M - Sept 19

Within the first 10 minutes I knew this was going to be a great night. So much fun & inspired to do more art!! 100% worth it.

Melanie W - Sept 19

Had a blast! Highly recommend!

Brook B - Sept 19

This was my first time attending a painting class. For a complete novice I was so stoked with my painting! Highly recommend for a fun & entertaining night out. Monique

Monique - Sept 19

A wonderfully fun thing to do that feels fresh and awakens the inner child.

Ali H - Sept 19

Having no previous experience thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Anon - Sept 19

Fantastic evening, thank you!

Anon - Sept 19

Fantastic art lesson with great company & lots of laughs. Looking forward to the next one!

Reegan - Sept 19

Really enjoyed the arty Antics evening and was impressed with the number of original artworks.

Mindy M - Sept 19

Great fun!

Anon - Sept 19

Pretty perfect :-) Diana was warm, enthusiastic and a fantastic teacher to all levels attending. Would certainly recommend her.

Anon - Nov 19

It was good to have a choice of painting to complete by vote. Encouraged, gave advice, well organised.

Anon - July 19

An amazing fun guided party in a relaxed atmosphere where I felt safe to explore.

Becks - Sept 19

A thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing, satisfying evening - making art together. Creative fun.

Ann-Marie B - Sept 19

So much fun and at the same time a great learning experience.

Marg W - Sept 19

Extremely relaxing and rewarding night out. Nothing beats good banter, laughter & paint.

Anon - Sept 19

I had a fabulous time and am very happy with my finished artwork despite being a complete novice. A fun, entertaining and rewarding evening Would totally do it again.

Anon - Sept 19

Fantastic tuition and encouragement. Mattie S

Mattie S - Sept 19

Bloody Awesome

Mouse - Nov 19

Great way to throw away your inhibitions in a safe fun environment.

Anon - Nov 19

This was a wonderful social /Arty activity that gave us all something worthwhile to go home with.

Liannebe L - Nov 19

A great fun evening. Would proudly recommend. A lovely way to bring everyone to the same level and make friends.

J - Nov 19

Great organisation and tuition. Another great night.

Anon - Nov 19

A fun evening. Would do it again!

Bev - Nov 19

Loooove my first ever painting and even though my daughter and my sister want it, I will treasure it Diana.

Heather - Nov 19

A fun, satisfying, surprising, arty evening. I love the sessions you take. I’m sorry I cannot suggest improvement.

Ann-Maree B - Nov 19

Very fun, great way to let the creative juices flow. Madi C

Madi C - Nov 19

Taught us how to paint. Felt comfortable and taught to be creative with whatever we did. Really enjoyed the session. Great to meet up with other ladies. I am interested in starting some art classes with you next year.

Erin F - Nov 19